Strategy Partnerships

Pubdate:23/07/2018 source:东方澳龙

In order to R&D advanced products and promote the development of the animal health industry, EAP coorperates with other institutions.

Partner institutions include China Agricultural University, Nanjing Agricultural University, Jilin Agricultural University, Sun Yat-sen University, South China Agricultural University, Foshan University, Guangdong Ocean University, etc.


  • The Base for Teaching Practice ---South China Agricultural University


  •  Base of Production, Education & Research---Foshan University


  •  Base of Production, Education & Research---Guangdong Food And Drug Vocational College


  •  Base of Production, Education & Research---Guangzhou Technician College


  • Graduates Employment Base---Guangdong Ocean University


  • Teaching And Practice Base Off-Campus---Guangdong Ocean University