Our Value

pubdate:2018-07-17 source:东方澳龙

■ Value Creator Oriented

--Set up concept of equality, respect employees 'personality
--Form “emotional community” and “interest community” interdependence relationship with employees and partners.

--Establish interest mechanism to motivate employees, so that employees can award competitive remuneration and ensure that employees have a good material basis for life.
--Help employees establish their development orientation and plan their careers. Strengthen training and guidance to promote the growth of employees.
--Combine corporate goal with employee goal, so that employees at all levels consciously turn corporate goal into their own goals to achieve more success.
--Create value for customers with high-tech products and high-quality services.
--Providing employees with a stage to realize their self-worth, enabling employees to surpass themselves and achieve self-worth.
--Achieve win-win results in customer value, employee value, and corporate value.


■ Common Development
--Pursue the common development of the company and employees.
--Committed to win-win sitution for customer, suppliers and all partners.
--Benign competition, constantly promote the progress and development of the industry. And do our utmost to improve the quality of human life and health.